Dr Skinner, TPA-UK in Daily Mail feature article


In the article entitled¬†“The wake-you-up pill . . . how a controversial thyroid supplement could help tiredness”, Science and Medical writer Jerome Burne presents several patient cases of extreme exhaustion and other symptoms that pointed to hypothyroidism. These patients subsequently sought help from Dr Gordon Skinner whose treatment inveritably changed their lives for the better.

Burne explained how Dr Skinner’s practice not to rely solely on blood tests but to institute treatment based on clinical symptoms and other factors found him in front of the General Medical Council (GMC) for “reckless prescribing” and the possibility of being struck off the medical register.

The article also features a comment form for readers at the end of the article. Please write to show the editor the depth of frustration among the tens of thousands of sufferers who, through being refused a proper diagnosis, do not receive appropriate treatment.

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