Best Ways to Prevent Hypothyroidism


Have you been wondering whether there are reliable ways to prevent your hypothyroidism? Many people find the treatment journey to be too long and prefer to get a better solution. There are no particular steps that can perfectly protect you, but there are things that you can do to reduce your chances of ever suffering from this disease.

The American Thyroid Association approximates that over 12 per cent of the residents of the US will develop this condition at one point in their lifetime. Besides, up to 60% of all the people in the country that has the disease do not know about this reality because they ignore the symptoms or associate them with simple ailments. To be safe, here are the things that you can do.

Choose the Best Diet

When you eat the right foods, you empower your body to protect you from all types of diseases and make the right hormones. However, this cannot happen in the right way if your body lacks the ability to control growth and development, metabolism, and cell repair. The thyroid hormone is responsible for these functions, yet those who suffer from hypothyroidism lack it.

Choose the right nutrients. Some of the foods that you must incorporate in your diets are iodine, selenium, and zinc. These are excellent sources of nutrients. However, you should avoid foods that contain irritants. They are particularly dangerous if taken in large quantities.

You should also avoid starvation diets. Most people reduce their calories intake and depend on a liquid diet when they have a few days to their great vacations. Unfortunately, they spend much of their time exercising after doing all this. On these diets, the body experiences an acute increase in cortisol due to the stress. As such, you should avoid starvation diets as much as possible to remain fit.

Avoid Too Much Endurance Exercises

Long-distance runs and spines can help you to improve your athletic performance. But if you over engage in them, you could do your thyroid a disservice.

Whenever you strain, your body releases more stress hormones than usual. It does this to try to help you to thrive in a challenging environment. In the end, the thyroid hormones are unable to get into your cell. When this happens, you can notice an increase in your belly fat and increased cravings for comfort foods.

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Protect Yourself from X-Ray

Your thyroid gland is highly sensitive to the risk of radiation. The problem is that there are many sources of these types of light. One can get the radiation from dental X-ray, MRI, mammogram, and many others. 

Thyroid cancer patients are the most exposed to this risk. It is possible that the dental X-rays that they receive expose them to many other fatal health conditions. Experts have suggested that some of them get cancer because of these treatments. 

Other than cancer, the treatments increase the patients’ chances of getting hypothyroidism. You can increase your level of safety by requesting a thyroid shield. This involves getting treatment while a lead apron shields your neck. 

Don’t Smoke 

 You should not smoke. You likely know that it is dangerous to your life. Many people link it with heart and lung diseases. However, there is more to it than just that.

Smoking can also put you at higher risk, especially if you have a predisposition for hypothyroidism. The components of smoke, such as thiocyanate and nicotine, can affect the enzyme that regulates the conversion of thyroid hormone to its various forms. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to your health, it is excellent to take the right preventive measures. While nothing is a perfect bet, you can lessen the risk of hypothyroidism and prevent yourself from getting involved in the lengthy treatment procures. However, if you are already sick, you have no alternative but to seek the right treatment immediately. 

At the very least, if you are sure you are healthy, follow these essential tips to protect your thyroid and stay fit.

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